Reclaim your Reformer!

Has your reformer turned into a glorified coat rack? I've been there! Enjoy this moderately paced, full-body routine to get back into your reformer Pilates practice.

Looking for ways to tip toe back into Pilates without feeling like you have to commit to hour-long workouts every session? Check out my "Consistency Kit". Choose from varying length videos with different movement goals to meet you right where you are at on your movement journey.

All Around the World

This is my go-to routine when I just want to move and feel awesome without thinking too much about it. It's a well rounded and moderately paced session. This session is a great way to get back into your practice, to give yourself some simple and feel-good movement, or to keep up your practice in between your other sessions!

This is for you if you...

  • Have or have access to a reformer.
  • Have Pilates experience (know how to adjust your reformer, set up your machine for footwork/feet in straps etc.)
  • You are medically cleared for exercise and don't have current injuries, aches or pains or medical conditions that prohibit you from doing Pilates.

All Around the World

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This one is on me!

I hope you use this session to gift yourself some feel-good movement!

That after Pilates zen feeling...

That post pilates vibe when you feel amazing and are surprised it's over and went by so fast, and happy it's over and sad it's over all at the same time...

Let me know how you feel after your session!

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